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Love Mother Earth Handmade Organics

Nourishing Earth with Almond Milk and Cocoa

Nourishing Earth with Almond Milk and Cocoa

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This is a beautiful citrus fresh soap bar that combines the nourishing goodness of Milk soaps with the skin enriching benefits of organic Cocoa. It is fragranced with Sweet Orange, May Chang & Pink Grapefruit essential oils, and made with raw unrefined organic oils and butters, organic Almond Milk and Organic Cocoa.

It is proving to be a super favourite with everyone and has a lovely clean citrus fragrance, soft, rich, creamy lather.  

It leaves your skin feeling super nourished and gently cleansed with no tightness; this is due to the high glycerine levels which naturally occur in handmade soap, so it leaves you skin feeling cleansed and nourished.


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Beautiful soap

I have been using this soap for several months and have just reordered. The soap is so beautiful and is kind and gentle to my skin. It smells absolutely gorgeous too! I will never go back to using shower gel and have now purchased more soaps to try.

Love Mother Earth Handmade Organics

Welcome to our skincare store. We are uncompromisingly organic, with all our ingredients sourced from Mother Earth and used in their unrefined and unfiltered form wherever possible, to bring maximum benefits to you!
All our packaging is plastic free and recyclable.

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