Our Story

Love Mother Earth has always been a very personal story. A product made to first help me and my family and now hundreds of others.

  • My daughter & I have suffered with eczema and extremely sensitive skin all of our life; no sooner would I find a product I could use that I quickly became sensitive to it. The final straw came when I discovered a prescribed eczema emollient was highly flammable; due to its parabens. I found that approximately 50 people a year are seriously burned or injured due to this 'moisturiser.'

  • So, I set out to find a better way and started creating and making my own entirely organic soaps and moisturisers. Today, this is all I use on my skin, and it has never felt so soft and healthy. My wish now is to help every person learn a better way to care for their skin and be healthier.... so Love Mother Earth was created.